Monday, May 23, 2011

a sweet surprise...

i was being appointed to help someone do quite a surprise to his beloved girlfriend.. because i am among the one he trusted, (maybe) therefore, i am the one who hafta help him..i'm quite honoured by that..

short update from me,,seems like the time's running 8 am,,got child dev paper..wish me luck..

and the balloon thinggy,, was a real success!

every single balloons,,has its own something..
the Carbon dioxide..

luckily dia tak terjaga msa aku n my companion which is my own roomate is putting the balloons in action. we did it as planned but the fan sure is something which is pissing me off...mmg belon tu tak duk statik kat tgh2 sbb angin kipas tolak die away... okay bhasa aku dah rojak...

tp,,reaction die once belon tu jatuh atas muka dia..

"HANG MAIN BELON KE PAGI2 BUTA NI REHAN??" kata zety kpd yang melaporkan...rehan..

huish,,,mmg sah she's not fully awakened lagi kan? haha,,,

pecah perut aku gelak masa rehan cerita tu...:)

last2ly,,his boyfriend gave her a call..well,,as a matter of fact, he wakes her up and explained bout the balloons thinggy...and...luckily,,she smiled at last...a smile of surprise...:)

dan,,aku berfikir......ummm...haha....biarlah rahsia~

well,,because it is a success....i'd like to wic her a sweet 20th birthday...
i wonder how my 20th birthday this year is gonna be???? :)

with that,,thanks for reading..

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