Monday, May 23, 2011

mission make it possible....


i'm doing this job...which i'd rather call...

next paper..linguistic..

i think,,i should not read anything regarding next paper..will it be okay??

lets hope for it to be so..

i am in this very moment experiencing a terrible headache..don't expect me to explain more..:(
please,,readers...pray for me..hoping that i'm getting better as soon as possible..

huh~ i'm not shy to admit that...

i have once again deactivated my facebook account..
i found that i'm getting more and more distracted from that thinggy..maybe i should pull myself away from that "duniawi"-material..:)

my friend said that i looked very determined to do so..
and i hope,,it would last...forever...

hmm,,but don't worry..
i'm still updating this very blog though it is simple,,nothing,,complicated or whatsoever..

to Anis,,though you are very pissed off with the internet connection till you decided not to even have a peek on this blogging material..i do hope that you will read what i've written,,cause that's the reason why i make life to this very blog..:)

thanks to my new friend.. Mahlil,,once again,,you've sent a very soul-soothing music for me to listen to..
with that,,thanks for reading..


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