Sunday, May 22, 2011

Doctors wedding day..

the newly wedded couple..

okay,,today is the day the man whom i regarded as my brother,,well,,he used to be my idol before,, wedding day... actually,,he's my father's cousin,,and so,,he's my...........(pak sedara sepupu) got it? haha,,if not,,just give ur parents a call and ask em bout this..

before i write any longer...
I AM VERY SAD CAUSE I AM NOT ABLE TO GO THERE CELEBRATING MY DEAREST UNCLE'S WEDDING.... i've been looking forward upon attending his wedding day once i heard about his engagement last year.:( poor me...:(

this is nothing actually,,the picture of my newly-wedded aunt tagged by her friends.... 'nothing' means,,i'm waiting for better pictures from my uncle send via email,,after his wedding day,,hopefully,he'll remember to send them to me or i'll be very sad..:(

okay,,both of them are doctors..hmm,,
i'm starting to think that,,if doctors marry,,teachers will be marrying.........teachers too!! huwaaaa~:O

okay,,stop it,,i'm clearly offtrack..

hmm,,maybe i should just pray that they both will live a happy life together..blessed with every blessings from Allah until the day the death calls..

see,,i am a good 'sister' right though i'm not from his very family root..
and..that's all..

thanks for reading..


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