Friday, March 25, 2011

yeay! i'm done with this!!

ma last day of sbe.. well,,,,,,

i didn't have a good time today..just because i realised that i haven't done with the information regarding the child development... my standard 6 subject of experiment had wondered why did i asked him to do so many things,, even if i explained the real thing,, i wondered if he could understand it.. so,,,let it be..

i was very interested to this xtraordinary student,, by the name of Febbie Eneng Salutan.. she's just a very brilliant student and she might also be a genius! she's just standard 3 but she knew a lot,, and behave like a matured little girl,, the practicum teacher who thought her too,,,regarded her as a genius,, he likes her too,, she's just soooooo cutee!!!


though a few days back i mentioned that the sbe is such a very boring lame thing, but i managed to get quite a great experience and i hope the nest sbe will be better than this...

to chegu Ong,,, you are such a very handsome teacher and have been such a great help to me and my dearest comrade at the school, if i were to repay your kindness,, i dunno what should i give to you..

to all teachers,,, i hope i wasn't a terrible thing when i'm there,, wandering here and there,, doing nothing,, seeing,, walking,, talking,, pushing or taking pictures,,if this school will be the place where my second sbe would be taking place, i hope i can have plenty of time to talk to you teachers,, i know you still can remember me,, but,, it's just a matter of myself,, being so shy to talk to you,, even just to say "hi!"

p/s: to anis,, don be angry,,no pictures,, again coz i've promised to the student not to upload anything on the internet... and,,,wait for my coming videos,, i'll make sure every pictures will be included! haha

thanks to all!


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