Sunday, March 27, 2011

big white machine

siapa tak kenal mende ni,,lepuk kepala laju2..

aNYboDy Out tHEre KnoWs HoW to USE the PhoToCopy MaChinE??

I kNOw!

yeah,, kind of boasting...but,,be it then! ....

ekceli,,there's a story behind it..

story 1..

last time i was in HEP,, Mr. Che Osman wants me to use the photostat machine to make about 56 copies of the memo regarding the KK meeting,, to be true,, the sequence of the events was like

1. i stood and stared right in front of the machine..
2. looked around,,tried to find anybody who was about to pass by and ask him/her to help me do it..
3. scratched the non-itchy head,,did a smirking face..
4. again,stared at the machine,,hands trying to touch the button,,(manalah tau ade yg kene..)
5. still,,the machine did not work..

so,,afta some time,, Mr. Osman came and after a few clicks,, the machine started its work,,, and i was like,,,

"is that all??"

he laughed at me,,i was like stupid!!

only Allah know how embarrassed i was at that time...

story 2.

it was during the SBE..

i dare not to touch anything on the machine as i don't want the 'banana to fruit to times',,,every photocopying thinggy was given to the people there... so,,, i was relieved...

but,,during the last day,, i wanta do a photocopy of the RPH to be included in the report.. so,,i borrowed the book from one of the teachers there... luckily one of them gave us hers.. so,,i walked to the office,,Zety wasn't with me at that time,, the clerk was leaving,, the door closest to the machine was locked.. the office was left in dark..

i was like,, Ya Allah,, dammit! i'm gonna die!!

so,,, because i really need the copy,, i wento da ofis and..

1.stood still in front of the switched-offed machine..
2.staring at the wires, trying to search for the main source..
3.look body can help..

(any improvement from the story 1??)

eventually,, i switched it on and the machine...............

gave no response!!

i was panicked..
i asked somebody there who by chance passed by.. and it worked! the machine came to live!

i was lucky enough that the machine worked well for the first copy,,then came two students..

'nak potostate ni 14 helai'' he said..

because i managed to operate it well for my own purpose, i was willing to help them,,


the machine stopped,

''please removed the jammed paper''... the order appeared on the screen!
oh Gosh!! where am i supposed to remove the paper??????

ah sudahmatilahakumesinnirosaksebabaku,,,'' sorta like that when i was damned panicked! i heard the ofis people asked ''sape buat tu??" i raised my hand up in the sky,,admitting what i've done.. she said...''tu la lain kali tak tau jangan buat!" with an irritable sound..


i was really panicked and i asked the GPK HEM in his ofis to help me out.. so,, he did,, as usual,,willing to lend a helping hand.. and,, i was relieved..

the incident of the jammed paper happened for two to three times and...... i only need him to do it for me just once...i learned through observation then,.. haha..

another couple of student asked me to photostat for them too,, and,, i mistakenly put the paper on the machine and the result was terrible,,,

but,,i redid it again and managed to get the wanted result..

thank god,,that the sbe have given me the opportunity to learn how to use the,, after this,,i think,, i can operate the machine myself if let say one day,there's no people who wants to help me with that.... i'll feel honoured to do it myself then.. haha

okay,, what a lame story,,anyway
thanks for reading..


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