Tuesday, March 29, 2011


among the things that i'm really afraid of regarding education is,, when it comes to speaking..

although most of the TESLIANs are unable to speak well,, grammatically tip top,, right choices of words and in the right tone, they tried their best to speak in English,,

but i can't ..

i'm tooo shy to speak in front of others in English,, as a matter of fact,, the grammatical errors and the wrong choices of words are in a deep concern 4 me.. am i a perfectionist?? i'm afraid,,YES..

soo, the MUET TEST IS COMING,,JUST AROUND THE CORNER.. and,,what am i supposed to do?? listening, reading, writing are not that complicated i think,, but the speaking!!

yes, i got the book, i can study it,i have friends who can help me improve a little in a very time-constricted moment, and lecturers who can push me,,, but still ,, i think,, i am prophesying myself,, Madm Tan said tht it's not good to prophesies our self,,,taking the negative things all the time but,, that's just a mere thought of me,, without even trying it...

i am really afraid,, i'm depressed,, i'm totally unable to control myself which by now really easily being pissed offs.. so?? i'm kinda annoying right??

can i start my paragraphs with anything but so??

rain's pouring down like it never wants to stop,, even if it does stop,,maybe it ia sedang mengisi air ke dalam tangkinya untuk another round of raining..

self laundry?? ooh NOOO!!
paid laundry seems the best solution right now...




  1. You have the skills and talents. I see them in your writings!
    Good Luck! ^^

  2. hopefully.... mine's gonna be on this coming 6th april... i'm gonna die by then..