Tuesday, April 5, 2011


i'm tired..yet sick of this and ...quite challenged...

there's still a lot of assignments that need to be done,, and the need to be hand in on next Sunday..

preparation for MUET tomorrow is just like urgh...i'm not yet confident enough..can i spit the words out like popcorns?? xiao! speaking is the thing i afraid the most..

haven't prepared for the meeting of the discipline bureau which is to be held the next 2 days..

laundry in the big blue basket was left unsettled for how many days?? i forgot,,

i haven't write anything after going back from the leadership course,, forgot the money i've spent..

two incoming paper works,,

fed up by the condemned presentation,, less preparation,, lacking in the information and inappropriate attires,,

the Girl's Day preparation regarding the 20 copy of advices and whatsoever relating to women which i dare not to let Anis do it alone..

dizziness in the class,, cannot focus,,

worried bout the 'sentapan' wire which i myself did in order to turn of the .... the guys was like HAPRAK!

BIG on 25th till 28th of April,, right after that got tour leaders..

and i got some problems with myself now...

the purpose of me writing here is in order to ease of the burden,, there was once i heard somebody i cannot recall who mentioned bout the writing problem, the result of the problem, and whether we have ready or not to face the consequences of the problem that arose.. this helps a lot in dealing with the problem which we are facing at that time..

so,, now i know almost everything here was the thing which burden me a lot rite now,, and,, am i ready to dance the music?? o,, maybe i should be off now..tink i might be ready if i am full enough....

to Anis: please stay and stand with me no matter how i am when i'm like this,,, don't leave me alone,, well,,as a matter of fact,, you've heard what Mr Zubir said in the class this morning rite?? hope you can remember that...

please pray for me.. that i don't end up in the booby hatch!

with that,,thanks for reading,,


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