Thursday, March 3, 2011

...---... i realised dat i'm being terrible..

have you every heard of a saying that says: we only will appreciate things when they're gone.. sounds familiar rite?

well,, i'm not going to tell sth regarding things...still glad that i've lost none of my things..
i'm here to write sth about a person..

well,, the person is a she..

i don't really have the ability to describe how she's been such a great person to me..
but,, everything i did to her was like..SUCH A DAMN PERSON!

she tried to do everything that pleases me, avoiding anything that annoys the extend that she even (i think) sacrifices her true self,, i don't know that she's wiling to do so,, just to make me not angry with her..but....(okay,,, i'm gonna shed some tears..)

yes,, there's time when she really makes me angry, annoyed, bad!! and all sorts of terrible feelings and thoughts!


i can guarantee that,, it won't last long..just because of everything good she did to me... she took care of me when i'm sick,, helped me when i'm in such a chaotic moments,, listens to every single things i told her..and.........almost everything which i couldn't afford to write here...

hmm...why must i did sooooooooo to her???

i've tried to be good to her.. but..i just failed!! FAILED!!

if only i can make the past a present...i..wouldn't ask for such a nice person to live in 'hell' with me..''Y_Y''

...i've wronged...

if only she reads this,, i'd like her to know..


by my side...

..if only u read this...

be strong,, for another few months..

will this cartoon spoil the mood??

i'm sorry...

p/s: it's not me if i'm good,, so,, accept me when i'm bad...

...sorry,,that's the truth..

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