Tuesday, March 1, 2011

man and woman..

man and woman are 2 different creatures..

in fact, they are never ever gonna be the same!

it's awkward,, bizarre,, and unfavorable if a man is trying to be a woman..unacceptable too,, for a woman to attempt as a man....

as woman and man are different, their natures too are different..and never are the same..

so,, don't try to understand those of the opposite gender..

because, in my opinion, men and woman aren't created to understand each other..


they are born as a complement of each other..

so,, if one day someone of different gender approaches you,, and said s/he understands you..
trust me,, they are lying! because, man and woman are simply couldn't understands each other..

so,, here's my new quote:

the relationship of different gender aren't the understanding,, it's the complementary... so...let's ponder... have we ever cheat anybody?? (cookie monster 2011)

p/s: it can't be helped that every man wants the best woman as a partner.. and same goes to the woman too...as Allah has promised us,, ' a good man is for a good woman,, and vise versa' so,, why worry??

lets improve ourselves for the better...to get the best,, we have to be the best! chaiyook!!

hakunamatata! adios!!

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