Saturday, March 5, 2011


second time me and anis being 'tegured' by people,about our intimacy...hah?? intimacy?? don't misunderstand... it's just that we are always seen as a couple,,everywhere we go,,at most of the times...

and,, should i care bout dat??? hmm

i'd rather assume they all as being jealous..hahaha

okay,,straight to the point... today,, i attended "bicara Interlok" actually,, i still have a handful of assignments that need to be done,, but,,thinking of the critical-analysis that we ought to go and grab from anywhere through any resources,, i spared some time for that..thanks Anis and Sha for being there with me...

and,, thanks to Nik too,, as to have spent your credits just to let me in the know of this thing..i appreciated it...(maybe you are reading too..)

hmm,, it was great,, nothing bores me a lot..
but,, the air-conditioner was too chilling that i, as usual have to stand with the itchiness of the hands and the feet. well,, i dunno since when i've become so allergic with the cold and chilling condition,, but it just happened be like that,,, even when i'm driving..but don't be afraid,, it's never contagious..and it's an easy come, easy goes thing..

Dr. Fatimah Busu,,frankly writing,, i've never known her,, until today... though she wrote quite a number of books and poems whatsoever... the way she appeared just now,, doesn't seem as the one holding the "DR." title too! maybe she's just a very down-to-earth person... well,, kinda surprised by that...

but,, what matters the most is the content of the 'bicara Interlok' thinggy.. well,,, it seems that,, someone,, out there,, are somehow trying to ruin the harmonious and united country of Malaysia...(united enough i think..) but,, to make this simple...i'd write it like this..

a writer writes
a criticizer criticizes
a debater debates..
the ideologist idealizes

and the lowest is..

a reader...who simply reads...

but a reader,,can be a criticizer,, a writer, a debater and ideologist...each and everyone of them has their own long as they are still breathing..

and,, i can only categorizes myself as a reader....dare not to exceed the hierarchy anymore..

it's true that people are living a chaotic life just because of those irresponsible people,, abnormal thinker,, and somehow a damn criticizer not knowing that they have their own agenda and we,,, just simply like the 'lalang' follow the wind..

so,,,,bit to ponder...

anything that matters the life is anything that you take as your own matter....understand? hmm...pliz do..

p/s: live your own present life,,,not the past's life or other's life..

hakunamatata!! adios~

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