Sunday, February 20, 2011

..the IEC..

okay,,without realizing,, there's only eight days left before the assignments need to be passed up..but still,, i have plenty of time to update my dear blog...(quite a sense of sarcastic there...)

for the past two days of the IEC programme, nothing much i got..but everything i managed to grab from that camp sure is priceless! worth the experience!!and the money..hehe

okay,, first thing first,

the checkpoint where we drank the salty syrup is sure the best thing to judge how i am towards my friends and how they are towards me...but the most important thing is that,, thanks to MR. WAN MOHD FARIS as the Camp Com. coz he managed to make me traumatic against the favourite and the cheapest drink i can afford at the i that poor?? hehe

i can sense the salty taste of this 'delicious-looking' SIRAP..

i promise i wont drink that as long as i can still imagine the salty and very throat-disgusting drink which ever flow through my oesophagus!

running on the sand is ssoooooo much tiring rather than running on the field or the only i realized about this....hmmm...gotta practice this week for the KOT! i dare not to look stupid running on the track without any preparation for that..

next, i am not offending others but,,,, i got this weird feeling... maybe it is quite terrible if i say it out loud,, but, is it pleasurable if i write it here? actually it's within me myself... i feel that,, i am not wearing the right attires at the camp.. it is so called 'Islamic Exploration Camp' and yet,, i wasn't look that 'Islamic' during the camp... i simply wore my plain shirt, the 'tudung' which demands no ironing progress before wearing it and that's it! a plain tall, lanky girl...who talks nothing much, smileless, with the look as an offended person and so on....that's me.. is it wrong being myself?? no?? yes?? i don't know..others too,,, probably.....hmmm....

hoping to be a good muslimah...

the most saddening thing is that....

this was the first time i ever forgot my dearest mother's birthday....ever since in my life! she called me,,,SHE'S THE ONE WHO CALLED ME...and asked if i had forgotten her day....i cried! YES IT'S TRUE! I CRIED! ajua is the witness of the scene.. and i feel bad aaallllll daayy.....BUT... it's not so much a problem though,, because i posted a birthday card before i went to the camp,, yes i did! Faiz is the one who posted it for me...thanks..but still,, the card didn't reach my house by the time my mother celebrated her day..okay then...she still will be receiving it anyway...

hmmm...anything left??

ahh,, yess,, i think i fall in love again... thank you..

dear heart.. i promise i won't let you off!

promise me you won't be r
unning away!!

sebiru hari ini.......a time to remember...


aja-aja fighting!!! assignments,, here i come!!!


  1. everything that reminds me to the camp now makes my heart heaving..sebak...sob3

  2. awat??? air sirap???? kem kom??? aku???!