Thursday, February 17, 2011

jangan tak hapdet jelaaa.....

(does anybody cares about the different languages used in the title and the post??)
who cares??!

its rather disappointing when you hand in ur first draft of the assignment and then, it seems to have so many problems, unnecessary explanation and everything which is not that good for a superb assignment.. but,, it's far more terrible when you only realize them the very moment when you handed in the assignment.. so,, i choose to be in the first case....(former or latter?? ) got confused...

about more or less two hours left before the departure to Bachok... hopefully, though this IEC (Islamic Exploration Camp) is not a compulsory for us and we willingly wanted to join,, this could be a turning point of me and my dear 'wife' for a new way of living..

has anybody out there have anything to share about what we can do to release the heat from the body? cause i really suffer an oral cavity disaster where my tongue experiences bruises and so is the 'sky'...and to make things worst, i got a big ulcer.. for this moment, silence is the best.. it can lessen the potential of making oral sins too! Alhamdulillah..

hopefully, Mr. M never found me at the camp.. and i really hope that i can carry on the activities as planned very well.....

hakuna matata...adios!

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