Friday, February 25, 2011

futsal match..

ola kala.. as usual....after a few days sulking with the dearest i come.. again,,updating this blog... but..its nothing actually to be shared....but's a thing,, i'd like to write..


we attended a futsal match.. all teslians of the sem 1 was involved.. and for sure, no discrimination against gender... so everybody can have their kicks in the game....

when it comes to comparing....well,, i'd rather say it's quite embarrassing seeing 'girls' play futsal compared to the usual, lack of confidence,, shy2 cat, unable to plan a great strategy and eventhough the slogan was "jangan kerumun tahik itu" but still,, we could not let the ball be open...everywhere the ball bounced, it will surely be surrounded by pairs of feets from the 'girl' players..

hmm... why i use the 'girl' with the apostrophe?? doesn't it seems annoying?? well,, because the female players aren't really matured in the game itself....they are actually still childish compared to the real world outside the court.. well,, as a matter of fact,, i did have my own kick yesterday and also i bumped with another player and eventually laid flat on the floor... but surely,, it was a great fun! hard feelings okay (^^,)/

and next,, it was my first time stepping in the futsal court...and i hope it would not be the last time... because,, it's nice playing there rather in the open field where everybody is free to watch and shouting at us this and and there...its annoying you know!

last words....

futsal is for sure,, not the female's cup of tea!

kacau betul la watermark tu! huh

with that.....


no hard feelings~

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