Monday, January 31, 2011

when i'm trying to make a poetic version's post..

at times when you are around,,

i never think of how blissful your presence are..

at times when you are around,,

you cherish the world and so do i..

at times when you are around,,

i am always the one who sweats all the time..

at times when you are around,,

i feel that the day is all mine..

at times when you are around,,

i live a hakunamatata-life!


at times when you are around,,

i used to hate you cause you always make me sick!

i am not a thankful,,i just ignored how important your presence are to me..just because i am imperfect yet so ignoring person...

i miss you.. a lot!

please......hadirkan dirimu wahai penyeri hari2ku....

p/s: to Mr. Rain...don't be upset,,, i need you too,,as much as i need Mr Sun,,it's just that,,,,,,,i am a human,,,same like others,, we know nothing but to complain,,, ad that's what make Allah upset....i know that,,but it just that,,it couldn't be helped..

may God forgive us....insyaAllah..


tomorrow's gonna be another day,,,even if it will be raining too,,and as chilling as today,,,i'm glad,, i'm still in a peaceful land of Malaysia....hidup Malaysia!!


  1. i am round..yes i know..muahaha
    ok takde kaitan

    insyaallah lepas raye cine ni ok la cuace..nnti hari2 ko lalu bawh susur gajah nnti..hehehe

  2. anis: i am totally surprised!!

    zhafir: welcome to mooney&atticus's terrible owner's blog...keciannya....berdendang perantau la kau kat sane! hahahahahaha!!!