Sunday, January 9, 2011

a torturing day for my dear Mr Feet..

every feet in the world are most likely look alike right?? so,,here's one..representing mine..

today is indeed a great day for me,, but my feet sure are the one which had troubled a lot.

first,,i tortured them with my new pair of shoes,,which as everyone know,,isn't a pleasant thing at their first,,there goes bruises all over my finger toes,, not to mention the sole pain while putting them on,, the shoes aren't small in size but,, the front thingy and also the heels,, that was what really matters a lot!

next,, i realized that by wearing those pair of heels,, (not as sharp as other heels okay!), it creates sounds..a normal sound to this profession i guess,, just to make the students ready for the incoming teacher..but,,i just couldn't help feeling embarrassed,,it's not that i walk terribly,, but it's because of the sound my shoes produced..i even tried my best not to produce so much 'attractive' sounds... any suggestions to make them quiet??

this aren't my real shoes,,mine is better and more beautiful..hihi

okay done with the pair of shoes,,(^^,)/

after the cleaning progress at JPP room,, my friends and i went to the hypermarket.. we decided to do some exercise by just walking back to the hostel,, so,,there,, i tortured my feet again..poor you feet,,since you both are owned by this fella,, pliz be patient..hihi..

next,,playing with the cute cat at the small 'park' next to Sha's block..there and then,, i unintentionally stepped on the red ants spot.. there, they suddenly and angrily attacked my feet mercilessly.. so,, i step backward and pretending to be cool,, removing them from the sock..nobody knows bout this,,even you Anis.. haha...(now you know laaa)

having a pair of successfully functioning feet,,is really making my life great! not to say that others don't benefit a lot...but as far as motion is concern,, a pair of feet,,suffers a lot..

thank you for reading..

with that,, as usual..

hakunamatata..adios amigos!!

p/s: quoted from "Fool" house,, 'aja aja fighting!'
agi idup agi berjalan kakiku!! (^^,)V

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