Saturday, January 8, 2011

i'm freeeeezzzinngg............

ma fren said,,mysterious lake's appearing out of nowhere,, overflowing drains,, non-stop blowing of the wind...and the continuous rain in Kelantan,, one of the state which every-year-a-must-flooding state in Malaysia...see,, now's the time it seems..

wearing socks while sleeping, warm water for bathing..(traditionally made..coz no automatic heater),, having only the last pair of clean trousers in my locker,, the GERKO's,, a not-so-hungry tummy,, the fan's rotating at the speed of 1/5,, and having a very noisy door which is a must-create-banging-sound if it is to be closed,, my best-companion yet replying my message asking for lunch (probably her flight delayed in the Dreamland) very lazy to write about the theory for the child development subject,, reading not so important things and very other unimportant, lame, dull and for sure,, i'm starting to be bored-to-death!..

i'm thankful,, not being able to further my studies am i going to withstand the snowy sensation, the strong wind, having to put layers of thick clothes when i can't even stand this local type of weather?? well,, i think,, if i were to study in the snowy country abroad,, i'm sure gonna experience "REPUT FROST'...OH TIDAAK!!

..... i'm sort of being wondered by something....not so important yet quite bothersome..grrr..(the wind's blowing through the window,,freezing fingertips yet actively dancing on the keyboard and all the toilet-calling sensation i'm feeling this moment..)haha...

okay back to the point..

ekceli.. my mind is questioned by this..

why is the person whom i always remember,, the one who always comes into my mind,,making me pondering and kinda puzzling me each and every day is different from the one who always comes into my dreams??? hmm..........

with that question, i'm really hoping that someone,, no matter who,, will appear and solve this not-so-questionable question or maybe just a glimpse of thought which Allah will inspire me through any thing He wants to..

okay,,done with the post..CD theory,,here i come!!

hakunamatata,, adios!


  1. myterious lake tak gempak...TASIK MISTIK bru feel....eeeeeiiii.....

    p/s:u make me laugh and think..:)..tht someone for sure will come one day if truly he IS THE ONE...;)

  2. ohhooii,,,,acu mg try translet mistic tu,, tak mysterious ye?? haha..

    yela... really hoping he's the one..kui2...jap2,, sape HE?? HAHAHA