Wednesday, January 5, 2011

once and for all..

no one can ever guess fates,, even theirs too..

as for me..i'm in a pretty surprise mode..why? because...

just now,, before the very first class started, Anis and me was called by Umi Faridah... the HEP officer... i was scared being called by the HEP because,, the HEP is very known as something which always find people's faults and they were very student-unfriendly...xiao! because they have to handle the student, they should be more student friendly..right?

okay,,back to the story..

reaching the HEP,, my heart beat rate was increasing and i was kinda sweating.. but not that much la..okay,, once entering Umi Faridah's cubicle, she greeted us with a big smile.. and also the warm handshake... i was kinda relieved..and so was my friends eventhough we still have the stiffed faces..

eventually, i was appointed again,, as one of the JPP.. well,, this means that in just one involvement in this so-called college-politics, i've experienced the campaign season, fighting over uncertainty, the manifestation, the election, and last but not least,, the most important thing in the politic itself, the lost and win!

so,, at first, i won, then, i lost but with God's will, i'm on again...

but,, because of i've once hated this political-thinggy, i think no more of the commitment, the responsible and all the works await.. sincerely, i was just thinking of my beloved "heroine" who has involved in the JPP thinggy earlier and the promise i've made... (if only everyone knows..)

as a conclusion, my first meeting was kinda motivating,, eventhough there sure have a lot of works that need to be done,, i'm sure with God's willing, and also with the presence of my so-called "GF" i'm sure everything is gonna be fine...

p/s: to my "GF", don't be scared,, i'm a "straight" person.. haha,,and together,, we can do it! aja hwaiting!

hakunamatata...adios amigos..! (^^,)/

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