Wednesday, January 5, 2011

my first class....

okay,,today is the very first day of my degree course teaching and learning session...okay,,nothing impressed me at first,, being given the last class,, at the oldest and most crackiest block in the college..on the other hand,, this is the most nearest classroom towards the cafeteria, the shop and also the hostel..well,, that's pretty good huh? hmm,,i can say 'yes',,

one thing that i like about this class is that it has a beautiful scenery of the grassy field and a very big Harry Potter tree, the whomping willow...nice! what a very picturesque view there...

the class was terrible,,it was empty! no chairs and tables at all! only one long "table" for the lecturer i guess,, but imagine one lecturer occupying one very long table in the class...hmm..
so,, after a very long lecturer-waiting and chitchatting moment outside the class,, we decided to search for the table and the chairs on our own... and the "searching and taking" mean are no different with the word "stealing" itself!,, see,, how poor the organization of the college when the students have to steal the table and chairs just to occupy the empty class very early in the first day!

my class is small,, enough for only a few tables and chairs..with no air conditioner, (unlike the previous year) and the tiles are terribly dirty..but at last,, thanks to Ajua and Shafiqah for have swept the floor least without any visible dust and rubbish..

there goes the story about our "new" class...and,, inside the class,, we'll be learning,,discovering and "travelling" the new knowledge and information.. a small class doesn't mean that we have been discouraged....i'm pretty impressed by the courageous look of all my friends today,,thank you..

last but not least..i've been appointed as the new assistant monitor...well,, this really impressed me,, because,, sincerely,, i've never been appointed for such position. that too,, because,, there's no other student who wanted for that position...and if so,, why don't i give myself a try..but,, i'm not volunteering.. was my fren who suggested~ lalala

.......linguistic and child development subject are kind of impressive!

thank you...


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