Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Probably never-heard-of-fruits?? here's some..


..i wonder if it really creates a miracle..


..is this the food for a physiologist??


isn't it kinda banana inside the 'cup' ??

aguaje fruit

the 'salak' family??


...this fruit seems like a beautiful monster-fruit..




..maybe a relative of the grapes..

honey melon

..the inner side has the cucumber-like seed..right??

(vegetable brain)

..i wouldn't dare to try this fruit....seriously!..

even i myself have never ever heard of such fruits...i wonder how they taste....hmmm..there's plenty of fruit that i've downloaded but i have no desire to publish them here because,, i'm really sure that all Malaysia had knew them quite well!

they are Durian,, Mangosteen, Langsat,, Cherimoya which is the Nona, and also the jackfruit....hmm...maybe there, i mean at the foreign countries, they have never seen such familiar-fruit-to-us as these fruits maybe their lands are not blessed with the ability to grow such fruit....same to us, where we can't really grow apples, grapes and pears, kiwi quite well here in Malaysia... i'm not pretty sure of that too,, is that so??

well,, the export import activities had successfully made these fruits transportable to all the other countries and that too,, is the reason why we can taste the fruit which is not really suitable to live here in Malaysia..

for further information......look here


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