Tuesday, January 4, 2011


pheww,,,what a relief after finishing such a dull couple of orientation days!

being stuffed in one big hall,, warm and very sleepy...oh gosh! i'm not paying attention to all the briefings and 'quite-interesting' motivation session..this has became the most boring orientation ever! i managed to solve a few crosswords puzzles which i found very interesting in a way to prevent me from sleeping during those boring minutes! i only listened to the BIG briefing, which was sort of great and exciting.. well,, because we'll sure gonna attend the BIG session for all these semesters...that's what matters..

thanks to my most loyal comrade...Anis,, for have being responsive during those terribly boring sessions and for helping me completing the crosswords puzzles.. hopefully, by doing so,,we'll increase our vocabulary and eventually become a better English learner..

this orientation has ended and tomorrow,, we're going to the class as usual with new syllabus and themes to be completed..hopefully, nothing will distract my mind from focusing on my studies..i'm very well motivated now (^^,)V

and last but never least..thanks to Mr. Adnan for have 'injected' the spirit which i realized has being decreased from time to time from within....foreseeing the great future awaits if i studied excellently and the opportunity which seems too good to lose is kind of motivating me,,again.. thank you!

hakunamatata,, adios..

p/s: Anis,, aja hwaiting!! together,, we can do it! (^^,)V

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