Friday, January 14, 2011

a friend in need is a friend indeed??

today iz ma very 1st day i've ever logged into ma fb account this year.. and that too,,was because of ma fren,, Akyn.. she asked 4 ma help in promoting her nephew and because of i'm such a very good friend (^^,) i agreed to help her,,pluz, i've no work at this particular time being..

and for that kind of help,, i need to do some chatting with all my friends available on chat,, and i chatted with almost all of them in that period of time.. eventually,, i realized that there are 2 kinds of friends..

the big hearted ones and the other kind is the tiny hearted ones..

well,,why am i saying so?

because,, the big hearted ones tend to happily helping their friend without further argue and the other one,, tend to make all types of excuses and ask so many questions why must they do this and that...and so on..

the sensation in my heart presently,, i feel like removing them from ma friend list and just keep the big hearted i cruel? NO!! FOR GOODNESS SAKE,, THIS TYPE OF FRIENDS are NOT MY CUP OF TEA AND THEY ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO BE CALLED A FRIEND!

am i being emotional??

yes! this is because,, a friend in need is a friend indeed...why must they argue saying so and so when i'm just asking them to lend me a few clicks,,honestly,just 2 clicks for them to help me helping my friend and that too was such a BIIIIIGGGG thing for them to accomplish when that does not even cost a cent! what a friend!!

even though most of the friends that helped me with the promoting weren't the friends i used to chat with before,, but still,, they helped me raising the "person like" in Akyn's nephew's picture on that particular AdikChomel Collection's page..huh,,what a worldly matter of life...

so now,,, maybe we as a human being,,hafta look before taking the decision to befren with smb..well,,maybe we might have known he/she those time before,, maybe it's just their very plain surface that they've shown us..not their real selves..see,,i've proved it with ma very own just a few nicks of time before i write this post...

with that... i end with thank you for reading..

but as usual,,

hakunamatata,,adios amigos!!

a friend in need is a friend indeed! remember that..look before you leap!

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