Tuesday, October 12, 2010

wHat A LuCkY FaEcEs~

not everyone can give out lucky faeces like i did....today...what a funny thing to ponder about!

then,, because i want anything if possible, everyday to be new for me....God gave me sth today......
i had never ever been in my life,, somebody. I mean, holding any positions, anywhere except for during my primary school's days....where i was appointed as the librarian...that's all!! nothing higher!.

but today,, i can regard myself as being the victim, of the JPP..what the hell!! i and my dear friend, Anis was caught while we were just coming back from the toilet to become the candidates for the JPP election! whoaaa,,, something new,, but really horrible!!

nik azri, and mat, was the gentlemen who had helped us in filling up the forms..the procedures took most of our recess time which we were supposed to eat,,poor Anis,, she was damn hungry....hahaha

it was our first time to see nik azri from a very close distance,,with the suspicious look (dunno if it was the +ve or -ve), dunno what he was thinking about us..because, frankly speaking,, we,, simply looked so immature,, childish,,too innocent for the JPP position...

hahahaha,,,,,and now,, we were being burdened by all the manifestos thinggy,, the campaigns, and all sorts of things related to this election..we sure will be dead before the election is going to happen!!!!

so,,, to anis, and me,,, aja hwaiting!!
moga kite sukses,,walaupun tak terpilih,, at least,, kite ade pngalaman..

an,an,an, annn~

chao bedah..(quoted from anis's blog)

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