Sunday, October 10, 2010

my new new mission...

today was a new day for me..

noe wat??
i was being inspired by my own essay..(today is a new day, live it!)...nothing much actually...because i just want to be a writer,, so , i want to write sth that can inspires the,, i am going to write a lot!!!

today,,,there's a new hope for me...(a new hope for everybody,, everyday!!)

now wat??
at this time being, i am having my own tutorial minutes with my dearest friend in the evenings for my oral presentations..i just wanta be thoroughly well prepared whenever asked to speak in front of all..i don wanta be a coward!

today, is a new day for me....

i am going to renew something, anything,if possible, everyday, in any ways......the things that are necessary to make me feel happy, enthusiastic and cheerful..i wanta reach the point of satisfaction.. and i hope this will help to create a new day..


i want to be someone....when i took my bath this evening, i realized that ,,,if and only if everybody think they are somebody, there's no doubt that they can be anybody they want to be...understand??? well, it's okay if you don't....

there used to have an old saying:

yesterday is history,

tomorrow is mystery,

today is a gift!

so,, treasure it to the fullest!!

the end....

p/s: to nani!! hwaiting!!!
and Anis too!!! annnn~ hahaha...

chao bedah!
(quoted from anis's blog) kui3..

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