Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Just go

I guess Allah is just testing me with another test to see whether I really pass the previous one or not...

And for this time around,I give up.

I never ever been such a disgrace to myself begging for a second chance, I did this time around because I know the feeling of being a left out person, I know the tense of having to keep everything to just yourself.. I just wanted to help.. 

But I failed because of the reason I can't even help it. I can't help the fact that I can't change my history, what and how I led my previous timeline. I just cant do anything with that...

So I guess this is it, stopped disgracing myself, I put a distance and I move on. This time around, whoever is meant to stay just stay, and whoever just happened to be crossing the my timeline will just pass and be gone. I won't ask them to stay. That's the game.

So, I bid farewell to you,I hope you are happy as I am trying really hard here to even cherish my own life..

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