Wednesday, April 27, 2016


I entered the class,  not having a thought of getting angry. The students greeted me and after asking  them to sit i excluded one boy. He was stunned.

His face went pale.  He was looking at his friends. Silence filled the air.

A student asked, "Teacher, why is he standing?"

I answered, pointing my finger to him "He did one mistake!"

Everyone were puzzled.

Then i said..

"He entered my dreams. That was his mistake." I smiled.

Everyone laughed but he cried. He taught it was really a big mistake. Then, i eventually have to go and pat his back saying that i was just joking..

Ha padan muka kau cikgu senah oi, bergurau lagi, budak tu butang hijau die tak on lagi dah nak memain. Serves the teacher right.

P/s: It is already twice since he entered my dream, Ustaz Don said if a person entered ur dream, meaning that person is missing the dreamer. I wonder if u miss me. Kah!

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