Friday, April 29, 2016

Most hillarious assembly

It was nothing much in the first two three minutes after the students sat for their assembly..

I wasnt supposed to be there but since the 5Z students were planning of having their choral speaking presentation, i had to be among the lovelliess.

So alkisahnya tetibe naikla cikgu shaari, dia mmg terkenal as being a jovial person, so die naik and gave a few words of advise to the students. Everybodeey were quiet, nothing can be heard but his voice. Alone.

He was talking, the students were listening when suddenly a sudden bomb of fart was released. Everybody laughed. I laughed my heart off. It was so loud that everybody heard it clearly!

So masing2 memandang dagu kawan sebelah sambil kembang kempis mencari tuan punya kentut. But tuan punya kentut tu terselamat, takde sape yang tahu die kentut walaupun semua orang dengar dan separuhnya dapat menghidu bau yang harum di pagi hari.

Dia selamat. Ya dia selamat.

p/s: should i learn how to fart without being noticed?

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