Thursday, August 14, 2014

budak tak pose ajak berbuka hari keseratus..

yesterday was said to be the hundredth remaining day for me to be here in KeyB. they said now that i'm counting days, they were sad and that i was resembling one of the friend whom they hated so much. urghh...

during my hundredth day of remaining presence here, my classmates were celebrating it somewhere else and i was celebrating it with someone who i really fell in love with recently, my brothers and sisters of the SK Kemumin. we went somewhere in the KeyB town, to a place where i've been eyeing on each time i passed by that road..

Firdaus and Echocardia weren't fasting. the sisters did but they wanted to have the ifthoor together. so, i said, "Why NOT?" ..

here's the pictures i would be sharing on this very blog, i need somewhere where i can write a long caption, so, probably here will do better than instagram..

My three layered sirap and the sizzled rice.. i would say, my menu today was so not me.. but i enjoyed my drink so much..

here's my new friend, Anuar who never had his eyes off the phone while having dinner with us.. i remembered he pointed to some kids at the table just nearby saying that they were ignoring each other while looking at their phones. i said he was worst~

i learnt a few important yet very tickling things about cats and milk, but i'd rather say i have no guts in sharing those here..

p/s: it was actually already the 99th day...and today on this very day of my write up here, i am on my 98th day..tick tock tick tock...

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