Wednesday, June 18, 2014

of bag and time

the most beautiful woman on earth, one i loved the most ever since i opened my eyes until the day they'll be closed for good will be honoured with an award is a grand ceremony held somewhere in Kajang, i dunno the detail of it too.. sigh~

almost 30 years of teaching and that next year she'll be retiring from the profession... (exhale).. Ibu sure's getting old... i'm getting old too, but this old me hasn't got anything to do with the young me.. ehh??

this was a last night's story, i really hope i would have grown up earlier...
i really hope i have tons of money in my pocket, i really hope i'd have a doraemon's pocket where i can take wondrous things as easy as slapping a your right hand with your left foot. ehh???

hmm,, this is a story of the bag and my mother, isn't supposed to be shared but i want this to be a memoir of my mother and myself, a sacrifice she made (one of the thousands) to me and my siblings...

This Ibu of mine is a woman who really doesn't want to pamper herself in everything new, she always resided to make the most of the things she owned. although she really can afford to lavish all her money just to buy things she likes and to go to places she would want to.. 

so, last night when it comes to bags.. i mean, handbags... she only has this one bag she always use daily, a little bag with a number of pockets she put her pens and her wallet, and her old phone...slap myself...banyak bunyi ibu tak pernah tukar phone sejak dia first time dapat phone nih...

skrg handphone nih dah usang dah

this is the bag..

she told me, that she wanted to buy a new handbag, one that she saw in The Store which would cost her not even a hundred, she wanted the bag so much that i think she couldn't forget the moment she saw it.. but know what???

she din't buy it.. she didn't... coz that day she was about to buy my younger sister a new pair of shoes...T_T...she prioritize her children's need so that we could lead a better living with better things.. 

..i hope the really is a port key, one that could transport me to anywhere i want, at any moment i would like to revisit and in this case to the moment when she saw that bag, i want that moment where she was with me, i want to be in that moment, i want to have some money in my hand so that i could just buy her that handbag.. i would want to!!! 

but that could never happened... i would just remain here, feeling unaccomplished and sad. i hope i will know which bag she had been wanting badly...but even if i knew it, the moment she had to receive her award won't come back,,, sigh..once again, the port key~

p/s: english dah berkarat..


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