Tuesday, March 18, 2014

i hate this!


life's a sequel of unfortunate events yet is a moment to be treasured coz they say "ada hikmah disebalik setiap kejadian yang berlaku" partially agree with how blessed and blissful my life goes on but is totally in a lost of how actually is it going to be.

when your mind is totally in a blockage, your feelings malfunction, your actions become bollocks! i tend to be weak, i change often but i hate the change, i feel offended on how life's getting offensive..

when i'm not satisfying the needs for myself, i'm not fulfilling others' satisfaction too, and indeed, when that happens, most of the time, i failed..through learning, i make mistakes but through my mistakes, i see others' too. why does it has to happen like this?

the way i look at life now is totally in a mess, my mind is messy, my heart is not at ease. i'm not blind but i'm being blinded by the blindness itself.

in this life, sometimes, if you don't kill others, you get killed. i meet a handful lots of poker-faced persons, somebody's trying to live an earnest life and yet stumbled upon meeting those people. the moment when you can no longer rely on yourself but just pray to Allah that life shall not do you harm and that you get stronger just to pass the exam of life, to get rewarded with Jannah and get away from Hellfire..

now, it's not about observations,
not about things that happened,
not about people,
not about the problems,
it's about life....

and life isn't about getting easy things the easy way,
it's about getting easy on hard things.
isn't about winning or losing
it's about sacrificing and learning...

being serious sucks, being innocent is a dammit, being real stinks..i'm stucked...

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