Monday, September 9, 2013

sepot cek~

put ur bags on the tables, i'll go around and have a look at them shortly...

that was what happened to the students of 2B when one of them claimed to have lost his B-Daman... i dunno, what's so special about that toy coz now, it seems to be so into the students that almost every child craves to have one...meh~

the feeling of spot-checking their personal properties was like,, (urghh) their bags smelt awful and their bags was very full, they don't even check their time table (like i used to) cewaah! and as the result, they carried a damn heavy bag everyday to and fro school... 

standing a chance to have an early osteoporosis? or a bone crack? or something as such? (sigh)

... student A: teacher, his b-daman was actually with the teacher.
...student B: oh, right teacher, it was stolen by student C. he claimed that it is his. so, the teacher took that thing to the staffroom. it's now with the teacher.
...teacher: did you really steal his toy?
...student C: i did.. i just want to play with it...
...teacher: ???

bila tahu je b-daman die was actually kene rampas.. i felt like thak arda gunnerr pun wat spotcheck.. cis! 

and, the plaintive cried because..... (not because of me)... I asked him to reclaim the toy from the school's most fiercest teacher...Cikgu Mat Hassan... oh... baru kutahu kau takut...

comel betul nangis...tu la,, langsi lagi... bahaha....(maafkan penggunaan bahasa yang teruk, almaklumlah, cikgu skolah laki~) lalala

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