Friday, September 6, 2013

of 60 cents...

a two periods of Physical Education with my friend and the class i've been teaching...

teacher 1: okay guys, you all can now start to play football..
student 1: teacher, can you hold this for me?
teacher 2: okay, sure. (taking 60 cents from the student's hand)
student 2: teacher, can you hold this for me too?
teacher 2: of course, (taking a 10 ringgit note with some one ringgit notes folded together)

(teacher 2 looked quietly to what she's holding, coins worth 60 cents)

a very short conversation yet very meaningful..

nowadays, how many parents managed to raise obedient children, those kinds that never says anything bad about the situation, about things that happened to them, of how they've been raised and what their parents gave them?

i despise some parents that have raised spoiled brats. but with these few boys i have in hand, i realised that the teachers can only be of some help if the children enrolling into the institution has a strong background of the family, their bonding, the way they've been brought up is positive...

i've been eyeing this boy since my second week of practicum phase 2, never sighs and always been impressive... i hope, one day in the future, i'll raise a great child like day...i hope..

i dunno how great this mother of 4 had been, but i bet Allah is giving her everything she needs to Jannah...

p/s: can't wait to see you...

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