Thursday, July 4, 2013

with those, we see..

talk about eyes...
this time, i won't talk about the things that we must and mustn't do with those pairs of beautiful present that He has given to us, since the day we were created in those strong womb of our mother, but i'm gonna write about a pair of eyes that has attracted me a lot,

bukanlah kerana cantiknya,
bukanlah juga kerana jelasnya,
bukan jua kerana pandangan menggoda

and i've never seen such a pretty pair of eyes,
among those that i've seen,
i'm sure it's not love,
i'm sure it's not of amazement,

i wonder if my pair of eyes behind this glasses will bring any message to those who have seen them,
and i wonder if they had made any heart shrivels out of sanity...

putting things in words this time, is quite hard,
because the pair of eyes,
isn't those that can be seen everywhere, anytime, by anyone...

and those eyes are made, specially for this man,

and he is Sham Kamikaze..

berhibur tiada salahnya 
kerna hiburan itu indah
hanya pabila salah memilihnya 
membuat kita jadi bersalah...

p/s: sesungguhnya, mata yang menangis kerana takut akan Allah adalah jauh lebih berharga di sisiNya.

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