Sunday, July 14, 2013

He's GONE!!!!!!

sob.3.. T_T

first day of practicum, wasn't as good as i expected, well, i din expect much though, i just hoped all my students to be in the class, but it seems that i'll only be having 37 heroes, not 38 like i did for the first phase practicum.. so sad i even get really demotivated now.

he's the apple of my eyes, one that i posted before, previously in the "of an apple and the cat". i'm too sad i become really demotivated and is now really putting on effort of gathering my crushed spirit of losing one of the best student in the class.... Aman's gone.. how i wish he would be here, i don't mind if other student may have gone, but NOT HIM! he helped me a lot during the practicum session phase 1. he was the one who managed to respond appropriately in the target language compared to others, he helped me to translate the instruction in simpler 'language' to his friends, and now that he's gone, i really have one whole bunches of helpless student...

so sad i think of driving straight back to hostel, not having any practicum days of 2 months ahead. AAHHH!!!

hummm,,,, though he's gone, i still have other students to attend to, but not him.. i may get really exhausted plus in this ramadan, i'm really very sad i've lost him...

oh, how sad i think i've been repeating the same sentence, the same word, the same phrase again and again.. i'm sad...

teacher must not have any personal feeling towards the students, but this is not personal, this is in a sense of goodness one might bring. this is called an escape door, of teaching foreign language to the students.
you may not understand, but trust me, i've lost my escape door, and now i feel like i'm trapped....

Ya Allah, help me~

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  1. sabar hai cikguu. pahala banyak bulan mulia nii. love youuuu