Friday, May 3, 2013


okay,,currently at home, indulging myself in the atmosphere i adore the most.. with my family though not all is here...

it's hot right? the PRU 13 is approching, i wonder what the result might be.. let's hope for the best.. in sha Allah..

there's this drama i'm currently enjoying.. a Korean drama of course, with full of conflicts and beautiful actresses with heroic actors... i'm well, not really into Korean thinggy but at times, i also enjoy them too..

Warrior Baek Dong Soo..

this 3 stooges here makes the story beautiful as it is..

and one that i'm attracted to is this man..

hmm,, as serious as he seems, i think he too is a beauty..though he is supposed to be handsome.. ^^,
i like someone who seems so serious and not really approachable.. just the way this man acted in the drama.. i hope i'll get one.

tetibe terfikir nak main panah dengan pedang serta menunggang kuda. 3 benda for me buat someone tu nampak sangaaaat COOL!! without those things to, there are also thingggsss that make someone look cool to me..:) sebab nowadays it's hard to see those who can really 'play' with those things..

seronok duduk rumah, i am not going to have to face all the things i hate the most at the hostel, having around 1 and a half year to go, Allah, make me strong...:)

the morning breeze is sooo good, i feel sleepy that i need to multitask so that i'm awake..

p/s: starean= stadi+korean... so that is it..

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