Saturday, May 18, 2013

sad ending versus happy ending..

reality+imagination=realigination... (underlined in red,, means there's no such word)

i once watched a movie that has a part of it saying about 'happy ending' and 'sad ending' story..
G: i like happy ending stories..
B: every girls like happy endings story, and those who like it sure is a good one..

which do you prefer?

 i like the happy endings...means i'm good..hehe

lemme state my reason,, (this is only a view of my little heart and my cosy mind..)

i love happy endings more than sad or terrible or anything other than happy..

the reason being is because the world itself, in reality is already a story with loooootttttssss of sad endings, tragedies, depressions, frustrations and all sorts of negative endings and feelings.. well, i hate em! i don't hate the Creator of course by making those things in His world but i just hate it because human are served with choices! And in real life, most of it are cause by the choices the human made.. and well, can't help if it's natural, a death maybe?

kalau kat sini nak cakap pasal takdir,, haha,,takde arahlah...SESUNGGUHNYA ALLAH TIDAK MENGUBAH NASIB SESEORANG ITU MELAINKAN DIA MENGUBAH NASIBNYA camane?

wanna talk about FATE???

"C'mon, that's life!"and sebab itulah life yang ada depan mata, i choose happy ending stories presented by the idiot-square-faced box called tv and also this one.. the laptop.. for me to sit back and relax while the actors and actresses do their actions.. stories that feed the imagination such as the animated movies macam Happy Feet? macam Hotel Transylvania? hmm,, not to say they are totally not real, the conflicts are it seems... but when it ends, IT'S A HAPPY ENDING!!


btw, though i love happy ending stories, i hate it when it is stupidly-develop-just-to-be-a-happy-ending-story... so, this is where conflicts becomes the spices...toooo much of a conflict buat aku bengang jugak sometimes...

contoh citer yang tak syiok... Malay and Indonesian dramas,, some of them are toooooo typical and boring.. some really are disgusting...sorry, don't take to heart those two lovers...

presently having this story in mind.. and ini ihsan Makcik GUgeL..
tak habis tengok pun lagi...

siesly storyline die mengarut~

but with loads of emotions...



(this one really seems tragic)


at the end


it's a happy ending story...

p/s: i hope my story ends happily....

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