Saturday, February 23, 2013


when people are in their own state of comfort zone, nothing would matters...
and, i'm in my comfort zone too, now, presently...
having myself in this zone makes me lazy,, yeah...
but the laziness that i have too, is not my fault..HUH?!

a lazy person is an annoying person..
i have quite a number of works to do, but,
i care less..
i saw people walking here and there, carrying all sorts of things, 
i passed by cars on the busy road, 
i saw raindrops on my windshield, 
i saw the lifeless cat by the drain,

i saw everything,
still, i care less...
the point is, being lazy doesn't mean that i have to be unaware of the things around me,
i tried to push myself to do the works yet done, but i can't... so it's not my fault...

realizing that actually i have a lot of things to do, i ignored people's job offer..yeah, i am bad, so bad.. to people, sorry..

but, there's no change, still, works piling and i still do nothing...
i have all the time for myself, next week won't be like this i know, so lemme have this week for my own good...:)

p/s: my punctuation marks are getting worst..

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