Sunday, October 7, 2012

the man in two..

suddenly i have a manito..

okay,,lucky enuff for me to hve one,,though it's not mine actually..
a twist of fate...cewaah...
and out of the mist, came a manito,,,
for me...

with a box in the hand,
walked pass me,
headed to somebody else,,
who already have his own manito..

that box turned out to be in my hand..
what a complicated issue,,but..
i've got a present anyway...

the lesson of the day...

we should not love those who does not love us..we should try to love somebody who does to us.

my charm did not worked out quite well..
and i insisted of putting a stop..

i promised for a slap,
but there's none responsible..

p/s: healthy biscuit...

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