Saturday, October 6, 2012

if you are good...

it was raining heavily,,
did you managed to set your doa just now??

okay,,something to ponder..
i'm not against good deeds...take note of that..
i'm as well not against the people who are trying to do good deeds..take note of this too..
i'm against bad deeds, this too,,take note...

i know everybody wants to change..
(the neighbours are playing their song loudly,,i have to endure this...most of the time..)

but please...
we know, people are not the same, even twins...
some can endure your words,, some may not,
people who take note may regard this as a bit harsh (and they really are not the one to be blamed!)
and those who are not taking not would not partake in everything you said...(take note! they are the one you are aiming for!)

so,,what i am saying now,,(i'm not being emotional,,take note..)
see what i mean??

i hate you for the words you said..
coz i am not the one to be blamed! see??
how respect can become hatred??

i know i am hard...i am being harsh..but i mean it..i mean this...a lot..

if you are good,
don't simply spit everywhere you would,
coz people are simply not a piece of wood!

don't know how to say it? ZIP IT UP!
to whom am i saying this??
MYSELF!(no hard feelings...) so you there,,,chill...

 p/s: burger bakar is something that will not make you i right??

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