Tuesday, September 11, 2012

trust your notebook...

yeah..i did my storytelling just now..
it was horrible..but i did it good..
lots to be done, improvisations here and there..but i'm glad,

i did it inspite all the troubles i've had..

the moral here is,, trust your note book..
don't trust people..
because the things you've written in the to-do-list book comes from the earnest heart of yours that wishes for you to be in a well-work-free conditions at all times..

okay..i'm saying this because i've been writing a reminder to myself in the to-do-list book about preparing and rehearsing the storytelling, quite a number of times but at the same time, i've been waiting for the lecturer to state the date when, so,, serves me right, the reminder, the lecturer, the lucky-draw and all, they've made me suffocate,again..

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