Thursday, April 5, 2012

sin of a talent..

this is about something which i myself are very interested in..
it's about photography.. taking pictures of mostly every good and beautiful,weird and catchy things you ever found..

well i have one of my own, a camera which i love the most, and the most expensive thing i have ever bought for my own.. now i keep it for good, waiting for the right time to take it out, go for a walk and snap as many pictures as i can...maybe one day...sooner from May...

well, but it's again, not that thing that i wish to share with you all..

i might be able to be called as a very old-fashioned, close minded and whatever-words person once i tell you the real point that i wish to tell,, but, it's fine with hard feelings..

okay, nowadays, there's a lot of my friends in facebook, posted beautiful pictures which uses woman as model, the center point of attraction in their portraiture. people have their own rights which is undeniable by anybody and even i myself have no right to say this further..

but, pliss,,stop it. this is a story of a friend of mine, i respected him for his talent in photography..used to respect... now no longer..

when perhaps nature seems so boring and at the same time producing less satisfying feeling of a photographer, is looking for something new to explore and decided to change the motives to human, woman are the first in the list..

i hate it, soo dem much and i started to lose respect on him...well, it must be a 'he' right?

every inches of the woman's body aren't yours to explore until you are the rightful owner of that body, and every pose that they are making, aren't yours to keep....go find something to test your own talent, find something else,, not woman.... i'm not saying this on behalf of the woman themselves, it's on behalf of you as a man as well...the models are of cours
e putting on beautiful clothes which adds on the beauty of themselves...


peliharalah matamu wahai's bad to see those things even if they are non-muslim pun....
kesian sungguh dunia harini...

fikir2lah,,mungkin aku tak patut cakap hal ni, tapi, tolonglah, korang menyemakkan wol aku..
banyak lagi bende lain yang korang boleh try your talents on...banyak ciptaan Allah yang lebih menarik untuk dihayati dan diabadikan dengan kebolehan yang korang ada..


ni adalah satu blog yang aku jumpe pasal apa yang aku tulis harini, kat sini...
this is not mine...

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