Friday, February 17, 2012

Taman Tengku Anis..

i've been living here for about 2 and a more or less a half plus year which i dare to say i'm waiting for the time when i'll be leaving this state for good, to be someone, and teach everyone to be someone as well.. well,, i've started thinking of the challenges and the not-yet-ready teacher to be title that i'm possessing right now..i sighed...

but that isn't the point of the purpose i'm writing today..
i'm going to write about the Taman Tengku Anis..a recreational park which i first stepped my feet on the very first week of being here in Kelantan,during the 'orang luar' touring session...the park at my first sight years ago is like bearing nothing interesting, an ordinary park where people come and go with I dunno what purposes they have in mind..

but this morning, i was there, again, after 2 and a more or less a half plus year of being a resident of a matter of fact, the park is situated only a few kilometers from the IPG, and suppose, i shall have been there loads of time already..(but i'm not)..

this park is the liveliest park i've ever been..(thanks to Aju) for bringing me there..

i saw people jogging around the park, having Tai Chi, doing aerobics and children playing around not to forget those who just make use of the facilities there sitting and all sorts of things i find new here..i myself had a long walk and after that went to see the dears and the birds in the park..

it's very refreshing here with the peaceful environment which for sure will put heavy minds at ease and relaxing the soaring eyes after much of a torture with the laptops and what not..

i hope i'll be here again..(am i putting the post to abrupt ending?) i suppose i am..

thanks fer reading...

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