Thursday, February 16, 2012

don't judge a book by its cover..

really, we can't judge people from their appearance..
well, it happened to me us actually, the girls guide to be taught about marching by someone who is very young, yet holding a title of i dunno what in police!

presently at my friend's house, doing nothing...obviously i'm violating my rule..i'm leaving my small hostel room again for tonight..poor my room mate...i'm forced to stay here because well, to accompany this friend of me yang tak balik....sebab die tak nak balik walaupun tadi ade je can nak balik...hadoi..

lots to tell,,,yet i dunno how to do so...i will try to update as frequent as i can inspite of the bustling life here...yes i'm a busy lady here..hehe..but not because of i want my piece of mind to be read by others..but because i realise that my English writing is getting poorer...i need the power to do the assignments!

i hate it when someone of the same age calling me 'kak' i look that old??!

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