Wednesday, October 19, 2011

you think it's easy to blow a whistle huh??

okay this is a...


come again??


(ni bukan sesi mengajar kaedah pandang sebut...sori encik literasi bahasa...)

has any ev u blowed a whistle before?? u know,,it's not that easy as it seems..
u need to have a:-

  1. big stomach
  2. spacious chest
  3. strong eyes sockets
  4. big mouth
  5. strong cheeks
  6. strong head
maybe that's all u need...maybe...just maybe...

why big stomach? because, the air really have to collaborate with the stomach to be blown out..
why spacious chest? so that you can have plenty of extra air inside it..
why strong eyes sockets? because you may afraid your eyes stuck out while you are busyly and strongly blowing the whistle
big mouth? so that it's easy for you to stuff the whistle inside your mouth and pull it out whenever you need to blow it..
strong cheeks? to withstand the pressure while blowing the whistle..
strong head? so that you won't blow your head off...

okay,,that's the most reasonablest answers i manage to think using my brilliant's brilliant right??
let's see how someone's blowing a whistle then..
ni la jumpe hasil mengail kat Mr. Google...

agak2,,dia ni ade tak kriteria peniup whistle spt yg dikatakan??

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