Thursday, October 20, 2011

home sweet home, here i come!!

yeah! at last, the day i've been waiting for has arrived!

i'm going back to my home sweet home,,goodbye Kelantan...HELLO there Dear Pahang!!!

okay,,fine, i'm very happy right now though i'm alone in the room, my roomate has gone,,she went really early though the departure venue was just a walking distance area.. same like me, but i'll be going quite late,, not that late, just as fine as 8.30 when the bus will take off at 9.00...:) hopefully nothing will bother me at that nick of time...

and, my dearest comrade...

i have a strong feeling that she has already arrived home safely, and now playing with the cats and kittens and,,might be she's bothering her dearest 'mak' also...i wonder...(mlm ni dia dpt makan masakan mak,, ak masih belum~)

these songs are soooo lovely!

i like the lyrics!

by UNIC entitled: ATAS NAMA CINTA~

and also,,,by Blue and Elton John: SORRY SEEMS TO BE THE HARDEST WORD.....:(

i've done packing,, what should i do now??

p/s: nmpknya, baju dan seluar yg hilang, masih hilang..hopefully after cuti,, dapatlah balik....:(

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