Friday, October 14, 2011

all mixed up..

why must there be a wordless Wednesday?
... are they just putting the word, 'wordless' so that it rhymes with the 'Wednesday'???
maybe i wrote about this the wrong today is Friday...
...can i say,,, 'Freaky Friday"?? just because i want to rhyme it..well,, being a 'rhymer' is just too great!

here comes the wordless Wednesdays..

and here goes the freaky Friday...

what the??!


i was thinking of picking a book and study it really hard...but, what book could it be?
could it be,,phonetics?
or maybe...children literature?
suppose..the learner and the learning environment?
what about, the methodology??

can't stop reading Roald Dahl's book..."SKIN"....something distracts my mind until now, the Adibah Amin's book..."Glimpses"...i just need to open my big dictionary just to understand the words she used...they're just too BOMBASTIC!

could i be, one day, a great writer like those two persons whom had just become my favourite writer?? i wonder....

can i just write about anything??

in Adibah Amin's book, she didn't use the translation of "MERAJUK" and "MANJA"...simply because she has an opinion that...the translated words simply doesn't match the cultural carries different meaning...well, i sort of agree with that...:)

with that..thanks for reading....

p/s: Mr.Roald's "SKIN" turned out to be very confusing...

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