Wednesday, September 21, 2011

podium phobia..

sorry readers~ nowadays i found that the world of bloggers are very boring, i less updated new posts and even i wasn't of that keen interest upon reading the blogs for the past few months...maybe because... i other interesting things to be obtained here...sorry if i've made you waiting for the new posts..


now that i'm writing,, i'm going to tell you about my experience just now talking in front of the BPG officers...well,, should i like, sort of picturing how they look like? No?? they are human,,same like us, with two eyes, one nose and a mouth,, they spit English words and talk even fluently in the English accents as well..

we had a meeting with them just now, starting from 2 until 3.50,,,we've met them actually for last year during this kind of meeting too and their objectives is just to know the problems that the TESL students are facing..and,, i dunno why they always wanta seek the feedback from us,, why don't they visit KADRI? they are the niche of TESL. they should go there..well, sir said,, maybe because they just wanta take oppoturnities to go shopping afterwards here in Kelantan..

well, i sure expect that i would say nothing during the meeting.. but I DID! it was about my concern regarding the lacking of lecturers from our English department to cater for the need of such a big number of TESL students in this beloved IPG...

i always avoid talking in front of a mass number of people,, because i simply have a mind-setting that,, i'll die,, for sure... i love my heart... you know readers,, if we are very scared, anxious, and at the same time lacking of the confidence in urself, you simply can't talk anything in front of anybody,, it'll just put the risk on ur heart to stop beating,,,and your mind to be malfunctioned...and you will start to feel that your world ends there,, in front of the microphone...see? terrible right??

but still, here i am...inspite of having the thought that i might simply die there in front of the people,,i did it,, i manage to be here, safe and sound...well,, thanks to my friends there for supporting me..but of course, during the ample time talking there, i was shaking like hell, i'm sweating all over, i can feel my heart beating very fast and,,,of course, this was the first time i ever feel that,, i'm actually able to feel my knees losing their control of the body...pheww....what a terrible sensation there...

hmm,, just wanta advise you readers,,, please, if you need to talk in front of people, be confident, if you don't have the confidency, don't talk,, ask others to,,if they don't want,, gather your strength, move forward, think of nothing but the thing that you actually wanta say... MR. ROsli always ask us not to let sense of regret to fill our heart the moment when we let the opportunities to fade away...:)

so,, hakunamatata! adios!
thanks for reading~

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