Monday, June 13, 2011

Gulf Air..

today,,i want to tell u the story of the excitement being on the aeroplane... (slalunye dgr je bunyi terbang2,,pandang2je ia terbang melayang sekitar maktab) but now,, if and only if somebody ask me,, 'have u been on board?' i can answer it with a smile..:) "yes" or...paling paling pun,, if i heard any of ma friend naik flight,, i takde la nak mcm teruja sgt kan? haha..

okay,,back to the topic..
talk about the flight.. i boarded the Gulf Air..
it was an international flight owned probably by the Kingdom of Bahrain...why Bahrain? because,, don't ask me,, it was where we first headed before we went to the Medina..

in the flight, we were entertained by beautiful and sweet stewardesses who they called themselves as the 'sky nanny' and they gave us lovely-'weird' meals.. actually the meals were just okay but,,as a commoner,, they all seemed new to us especially me.. :)

it was different travelling by flights compared to buses...well,, you readers now that too right? haha..our head won't sway like hell in flights because, there's no corner to turn and no 'bonggols' on the sky.. haha..

the most difficult for the flight were the moment when it first takes off.. mmg geli perut,,n tetiba sakit telinga tu perkara biasa... at that moment, nobody were allowed to stand up,, the flight was menyondong.. sebab nak naik kan? haha.. n masa turun, up in the sky,, when the flight langgar dengan awan yg kite biasanya nampak on land ni gebu2 macam kapas dan innocent tu,,bergegar la flight kite tuh.. hehe.. pastu msa nak the moment when the flight touched down,, wohoho,,mmg terkejut jugak la..

haha..byk cerita nak cerita...jauh perjalanan luas pandangan..hopefully,,cerita bersiri i will be read and interesting for you readers...

p/s: rupenye,,kapal terbang sgt laju ea? 8 ratus lebih km/hour...bygkan la..:O

with that,,first part day one .. fin..:)


  1. haha..
    nak compare flite ngn bus mmg ah :P

  2. wah... gulf air... sounds familiar with us. :)