Tuesday, June 21, 2011

a blessing..

alhamdulillah, i am really thankful today...hmm,,why??

okay,,first thing first,,let me tell u dearest readers..

all these while,, i've been thinking hardly whoever might be my roomate.. well,,pernah dengar tak pepatah arab mengatakan.."jaar qabla ad daar"...jiran dahulu sebelum rumah maksudnya... x pernah?? ha,, sekarang dah pernah kan? ;)

before i start anything.. Hani,,i know u'll be reading this,, thanks for being my roomate.. you will always be in my heart..T_T..ha,,,sekarang,,as i'm turning the new leaf of my life, Allah kurniakan i seorang roomate baru...:)

nak dijadikan cerita,,now is their orientation week,, the most hectic week of all:O.. and,, i tell u what,, though my roomate had already spent a night with me here in this very new room,, i don't even had seen her face, not even once! haha,, the moment i sleep, she just came back from the hall, the moment i woke up this morning, she was nowhere to be seen! :D

hmm,, and when people ask me how's my roomate,, i couldn't say anything,,well,,sebab tak tengok orang nyer lagi kan? takkan men bantai je ckp pe.. :D i only can say a few things bout her.. maybe this is Allah's present to make my heart in peace... a blessing from the prayers i've asked before..an answer...well,, she's a PA student.. (pend. Islam), a Kedahan, from her very sweet look, undoubtedly, she's really 2 years kot younger than me..:)

that's all.. and... the last thing she uttered before she left this room..

"kak, tinggal sorang dulu ye,,"

though at first kan,, i mmg tak suke bilik ni,, katil roboh, dengan tingkap yg tk selamat, dan jaring penghalang nyamuk yg mcm rabak dah,, hmm...EC17,, you are far more better than this room,, but,,Alhamdulillah,,,sekarang,,bilik ni dah okay,, n slowly, i begin to like it...:) nmpknyer,,roomate ni akn menjadi antara kisah baru dlm hidup i,, warna yg menghiasi helaian ... ah! susah betul nk main ayat..:(

byknyer i cerita harini...

thanks for reading..
hakunamatata!! adios!

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