Wednesday, February 9, 2011


okay,, first thing first..

the assignments are starting to pile all over us,, with the due dates in about three weeks time,, i'm sure this is not going to be the leisure time for all..

a bit to ponder,,

i hope,, by havin' myself involving in these sort of responsibilities, i'm not going to make fuss over the tasks assigned and the very restricted time for my own self, so,, to all,, please be strong.

the weather isn't that good for outdoor activities, it's very hot pluz the irresponsible people who seems to be sooooooooo terrible to the nature and they simply keeps on burning the rubbish almost every evening! haiyyoo!! can't they understand that they are harming the nature?! and,, personally,, i just hate it when my clothes left hanged outside tend to have the smoky smell.. can't be late to take them off the lines!

and,, it's been know that this season's going to be the SICK SEASON and for sure, the airborne disease is,, just a reminder, be careful and not to fall sick because if we do so, we'll have quite a hard time to do the assignments.. and...drink more water so that you won't be dehydrated like i do for the time being..(^^O)

linguistic this morning sure is enough to make everybody goes hair-wire..that's just the beginning.. child dev too has changed the approach towards us,, the lecturer is being laughable and more experimental towards the learning.. and me too,, together with my beloved comrade were having great times during presentation and i just couldn't help to feel glad for the achievement.. i'm no longer a shy2 nani! haha...that's how a future teachers should be rite?!

too many things in my mind right now, i skipped my dinner tonight,, the hostel's getting noisier at times when Maghrib is around the corner and i simply hate this situation,, people are screaming, laughing like they've lost their respect to the prayer time,, even when the Azan is heard clearly here in this very place.

MR Mosquito,, please don't dance your terrible dance and don't suck my blood!

i've wronged to too many people,, i hope they'll forgive me,, even if i don't ask for their forgiveness,, can that be done?? i'm not sure,, so,, after this,, never mess up with anybody, and just stick to your own gooooood!! ok? haha,, just a reminder for myself..

okay,, i've write a lot,, so,, to readers, please forgive me if i've written things which you disagree with.. ok?

hakunamatata,,adios amigos..

ciao! sorry,, again, this entry has no pictures....


  1. godio balboteig 2?
    bobok ko?

  2. haha,,,balboteig tu,, bhsa catalan...= babbling... so,, i'm babbling there... hehe