Monday, January 17, 2011

learning something new..

i've learned new lesson from my dearest nik nur izzati, my classmate..

she told me how to download the video coz i asked her so..

just a few simply clicks and one down-loader.. i've got the 'Burung Murai" video for our presentation dear Anis Fuku Chan.. haha... and i'm happy..even though i feel like crying while watching the hope our presentation later on is going to be a blast!

hmm,, ekceli I've thought of sending my lappy to the hacker as to ask him to install the you tube down-loader.. but,, well,, as Nik has come to the need for a hacker to solve the problem anymore...

so,,my class today will start at 10.45..yesterday's has been cancelled.. i've just come to know that all my classmates called the subject..'philosophy' as 'pillow sleepy'!!.... i know it's gonna be quite boring but,,i hope my Mr. Syukri has another style of approach when teaching us the subject..i really hope so!!

Nani,, be happy...oow,,,and Anis too!!!

hakunamatata..adios amigos!!

chao bedah!! quited from somewhere...

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